The Blockchain and Us

  • The first installment of The Blockchain and Us (2017) had hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and a massive echo in the international press. The film screened in London at the Everyman Theatre and at Coinscrum, in Amsterdam at the Fraude Film Festival, in Minneapolis at the Analytics and Financial Innovation Conference (AXFI), in Zurich at Tech Tuesday, in Shanghai at the Future of Money Conference, and in Tokyo at the Swiss Chamber of Commerce an Industry in Japan (SCCIJ). Swiss filmmaker Manuel Stagars directs the sequel to The Blockchain and Us about the merits and challenges of blockchain technology. It delivers a timely snapshot of a revolution: What are experts thinking about the potentially most revolutionary technology in the world in 2018? The film features all-new interviews with entrepreneurs, bankers, futurists, academics, artists and others from tech hubs like Switzerland, London, San Francisco, and New York.
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